sosia: Automatic author matching in Scopus on-line

sosia is a Python library match authors in the Scopus database, using the scopus package.


Install scopus from PyPI:

$ pip install sosia

or directly from the GitHub repository (may be unstable):

$ pip install git+

To access the Scopus database using scopus, you need to obtain credentials. Install and configure scopus before using sosia.


>>> import sosia
>>> sosia.create_fields_sources_list()  # Necessary only once
>>> stefano = sosia.Original(55208373700, 2017)  # Scopus ID and year
>>> stefano.define_search_sources()  # Sources similiar to scientist
>>> stefano.define_search_group()  # Authors publishing in similar sources
>>> matches = stefano.find_matches()  # List of namedtuples
>>> matches[0]
Match(ID='42661166900', name='Fosaas, Morten', first_year=2011,
num_coauthors=4, num_publications=3, country='Norway',
reference_sim=0.0238, abstract_sim=0.0202)

Full reference:

Original(scientist, year[, year_margin, …]) Class to represent a scientist for which we want to find a control group.

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